Attack of Ransomware | Tips to Keep Your System Safe

Yes. It is bigger than the Dyn DDoS and this is the biggest ever cyber-attack in Internet history. Name Is “Ransomware”. In this Ransomware attack hackers lock your device and you must have to pay bitcoin payment for unlock either all data of system remove and you don’t take it back.

Where it’s come from:

This is create by very knowledgeable person in computer programming and they enter your system through an email attachment or also through a website that is infected with this type of virus and malware and this is also access your data via your network.

How ransomware works:

When you clicking on an effected popup advertisement and also when you visit infected website and trying to buy fake antivirus software. When ransomware attack, then they pressure on the victim and destroyed data every 30 minutes if you don’t pay another attack attempts and to force you to purchase program of de-encryption.


Attack of Ransomware | Tips to Keep Your System Safe

Protect yourself from Ransomware:

Use very much rebutted antivirus software and update your firewall and keeping your security software up to date.

Back up your data right now because when Ransomware attack they directly attack on your data so keep claim and back up your data.

Enable your pop up blocker and also use adBlock so you can’t get any popup and unwanted advertisement.

If you receive a ransomware note, disconnect from the Internet Connection for security and keep offline mode on.

Free virus removal tools:

  1. Alcatraz Locker
  2. Apocalypse
  3. BadBlock
  4. Bart
  5. Crypt888
  6. CryptoMix (Offline)
  7. CrySiS
  8. FindZip
  9. Globe
  10. HiddenTear
  11. Jigsaw
  12. Legion
  13. NoobCrypt
  14. Stampado
  15. TeslaCrypt

So protect your data from this virus and use the above tools and keep your data safe. The above are all the free tools to protect your data from this virus. Make your connection secure and protect your data avoiding unwanted clicks on advertisements and links which contains virus






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