Candidates experience plenty of job interviews while job search. They prepare themselves to apply for job with their free job alert. Recruiters, during the hiring process sometimes ask the worst interview questions to candidates which makes them uncomfortable. In fact, studies shows that recruiters mostly asked the most hated question while recruiting with free job posting.

With free job posting, during interview recruiters avoid asking these worst interview questions think as the shoe is now on the other foot

worst interview questions

                   Worst Interview Questions

All the recruiters with their free job posting schedules an interview. What questions should they ask?? Never start with the hypothetical question. This will increase your risk of hiring. Instead of asking ‘how would you?’ better ask ‘Tell me about a time when..’. This kind of question will help you out to deeply understand how the candidates handled the situation. In fact, a behavioral interview rather than worst interview.


Many of the recruiters when with free job posting, asks,’Do you have kids?’ or ‘What is today’s political climate?’. These are the useless and worst interview questions ever asked with free job posting.


Most irrelevant question,’Where do you want to be in 5 years?’ C’mon, you’re better than that. Show some creativity!


The worst interview question as well as quiet boring. ‘What’s your biggest weakness?’ Don’t demoralize the candidate. Instead ask, ‘What skills do you feel like you are still missing’ . There are also many other different ways for asking these type of questions. Instead you can also ask, ‘What steps did you took to overcome or improve your opportunity’


Next awkward question, ‘Tell me about yourself’. Instead ask impact-full which will help you to generate interesting responses-


What you do to do your best?


Your expectations?


Things that motivates you to come to work every day?


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