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Nowadays, each and every student wants to work with the top companies. But they are unable to crack the interview. Candidates have to face with the tricky interviews during their interview as they are unable to answer with their nervousness. Following are the tricky interview question faced by the students with top companies having careers in  TCS, Cognizant, TechMahindra, Wipro etc.(Interview Tips)

Candidates experience with these interview tricky questions. Following is one of the candidate who faced with these tricky interview questions.
Interview started this way-

Tricky Interview

              Tricky Interview Questions

Candidate: May I come in sir?
HR: yes
Candidate: Good Afternoon sir, May I sit
HR: Yes
HR: What should I ask you?
Candidate: Whatever you want to ask.
HR: Okay, Which type of questions do you want me to ask?
Candidate: Sir, please ask questions on real life.
HR: Okay, which questions?
Candidate: Like, How to deal with the world? How to live in a society?
HR: Okay. Tell me. How?
Candidate: I answered well as the question was of my choice or mine. I said I could know any person well in just 10-15 days.
HR: Suppose a foreign client with completely different tradition and culture came to work with you on a short term project of just 10 days. To work on this project together, you both must know each other well. But as you said you take 14-15 days to know a person, and here you have to finish the project within 10 days. What approach will you follow to deal with such situation?
Candidate: I will check his social networking profile like Facebook, Twitter etc. to know about him.

HR: He don’t have any account on these social networking sites. Then?
Candidate: I will ask about him with others who know him.

HR: Okay, this is one point, What else?
Candidate: I will try to spend more time with him like going for coffee or movie.
HR: And if client is female, then also you will go for movie with her?
Candidate: Sir, I can’t differentiate between males and females. This is my work and I will do it.
They smiled.
After that, they explained about Company policy, bond, joining time details and I said, “Yes, yes sir”.
At last, they said yes, you can go now.
I said, “Sir, please may I ask something?”
They said, “Yes.”

Candidate: Sir, what are qualities a Company’s Employee should have?
HR: you say.

Candidate: “I don’t know sir. But in technical I got some feedback. I can tell you.”
HR: say.
Candidate: I said whatever feedback I got in my technical round which was loud voice and over confidence.

HR: yes.. (Also they listed some improvements in mine).
HR : (Asked questions from my hobbies – photography, Blogging and about the scholarships and numerous extracurricular certificates I had mentioned on my CV)

HR: Ur sister is highly educated as I see. Don’t u wish to study further after B.Tech?
Candidate: My sister and I are quite the opposite… she hates to work and I hate to study 😛 I have been learning only for past 16yrs and i feel its the right time to put into good use.
HR: Why we? Why not any other company?Me: Told ( I had done my homework on your company) 😛
HR: If someday u feel this company is not being enough and u wish to join some other company, what reason would u have to stay with us?
Candidate: The money I earn from here is always important, but whats more important is the knowledge and experience I gain from here. When I hear of a company and its employees, there’s only the names of few top hardworking employees that come to my mind, and I wish to be one of those for this someday…

HR: are u willing to Relocate?
Candidate: I’ve been born in Patna, raised in Kolkata and Living now in Durgapur. I can adjust quickly to new places and with new people. 🙂

At last, after a gruesome 50 min, interview was over. I shook hands with all 3 panel members and left the room.

Some tips and tricks for these tricky interview(Resume Tips):
Always have a smile on your face, even while answering I don’t know. HR checks your body movements and how nervous u get when u don’t know the answer.
Firm Handshakes at the start and end are optional, but always a good gesture.
Wait for the HR to finish their questions, and don’t try to cut in between. wait for 1-2 secs, frame the answer in your mind, and answer in a medium, but confidant and audible voice.
Avoid looking here and there while thinking an answer. best to always keep looking straight in their eyes. They will know u are confident with this tricky interview
Avoid shaking or fidgeting hands or knees while answering questions. Sit straight,have your hands on your lap and be calm. Don’t point towards anybody.
frame your answers wisely. don’t use terms in your answers u don’t know about, because most HR have tendency 2 ask questions from your answer. I was setting bait by using only terms i know in my answers, and in a way, was able to manipulate the HR in2 asking questions from my strengths and away from my weaknesses.
Be calm and confident, no matter how ugly questions become, because they notice your every movement. “I don’t know” is the best answer if u don’t know anything about the answer at all, but don’t lose hope no matter how many I don’t knows u say. If u know at least something about the answer, say it.
Prepare “Tell me something about your yourself” b4 u go for the interview. The About me must be smart and stylish, not your plain intro,as that stuff is already written on your  CV, and “About me” makes the 1st impression on the panel with this tricky interview.
Be positive with each and every answer. avoid saying anything negative about yourself, your college, the company or anybody at all. even questions like “5 bad things about u” should be ended in a positive note,like i am overambitious,but i try my best to achieve my goals,or i get a little stressed with excess work, but i have overcome that with yoga exercises or something like that…
# If they ask you “Which post (for example developer, tester, management) you want to work” please don’t say any specific field. Say generic answer that u will do whatever company gives u. Then, after gaining some experience u will think.

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