The irony of the basic job search advice: There are many jobs available on before you land on some nugget of wisdom or another. The basic job search advice you can follow is list down to a short list of jobs, which will save your time for job searching.

Don’t forget this with your basic job search  

Basic job search

     From Basic Job Search to High Career

1- Make Yourself An Obvious Fit

Be clear with your resume. When you apply for job, your resume will be your identity. When you apply for job as full time jobs, part time jobs or jobs near me your resume will be screened with applicant tracking system.

Hence, it is obvious to make a simple resume so that candidates can connect you easily.


Before applying for job, study with the job description and the available information. Check out whether you are showcasing with your strengths for full time jobs, online jobs, jobs near me

2- Don’t Limit Yourself. Rather follow with this basic job search tips

Don’t limit yourself. Start your basic job search as well as endearing yourself to people working at that company of interest. Start your job search for full time jobs, part time jobs, jobs near me creating your free job alert.


Line up with the people inside the company, you can instantly set yourself apart to work.

3- Resume is not a Tattoo

Your resume is lovely!!! Breathtaking linkedin profile.Don’t be afraid of modify wording, switching around key terms, swapping bullet points in and out. Your resume is not a tattoo nor your linkedin profile.Treat your resume as a breathing documents with your basic job search by creating your free job alert


Give a cover letter to your resume.Make the recruiter get suspicious about the frequent changes you make with your linkedin profile as well as your resume


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