No more installs to Snapchat | Give one star rating for Snapchat

Snapchat is been facing a backslash as its CEO said that, “He don’t want to expand his application into poor countries like India and Spain”. Apart from this he also raised the concerns about the usage of this application in India and Spain. It is now falling down in India

The CEO of Snapchat forgot that ,India is a rich and developing country. They are not worth for it that your application should be used by the users in India. The CEO  does not know that “Indians are not poor but they have bigger hearts than you”. They does not deserve to install or use their application especially by Indian users as they put a bad comment on India.


No Snapchat

The range of anger of Indians have now crossed a limit having just one thing in their mind- ‘#boycott Snapchat’ so as to rail against the application. Users have rated a one start to this application with bad reviews. One of the review for snapchat is, “Just installed the app so that i can tell you the power of poor Indians. I wasted my data just to give rating. Now removing it from my phone now and forever”

See what our Top Businessman and Cricketer says-

Mukesh Ambani’s tweet on Snapchat, “Dear Snapchat CEO @ Evan Your net worth in 4 billion and mine is 30 billion, I can purchase your fuddu App 7 times, Now who is poor? Aukat ”

Our Indian Cricketer Virendra Sehwag tweet, “At the rate at which Snapchat CEO is being slapped by us Indians, he will have to change the app’s name to Slapchat ”

Snapchat Inc called the allegation, “ridiculous”. Now, it will be facing a serious hate in India because of the abuse comment on the Indians.

Indians lets now show that we are not poor so give a one star rating to this application and let him know where he stands now if your application is not been used by India. Let everyone know the difference and also let everyone know what happens when anyone challenges India.


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