What Should I Do after Graduation?? Looking for Job Or Post Graduation

Finally after creeping with the hard work with your graduation late night juggernaut with books, barely three hour sleep before exams, project work, internal exams, vivas, university exams over the span of 3 or 4 years you have completed your graduation. It’s time to celebrate and that too in grand style before you take decision over looking for job or further studies. A lot of reasons to be cheerful, right? But a lot of reasons to be worried about as well if you are looking for job or further studies. So, the big question is what to do after graduation? Post Graduation(Higher education in UK)/ Looking for job

Looking for job

         Looking for job or Post Graduation

According to Indian Higher Education statistics, there are nearly 35,500 affiliated colleges in India which enroll close to 20 million students every year.
Out of the 20 million opting to study; 86% are graduate students, 12% postgraduate students, 1% research students — and these numbers are changing significantly as more and more students prefer to enhance their career with higher education(Higher Education In US) and master’s degree.
Should I get a job?
Well, ‘skills’ & ‘talent’ is the most important word to note here, higher education(Higher education in India) not necessarily mean higher skills and better career. Many postgraduates have lesser knowledge than graduates, and if it is the better career that you are after, education that enhances your skills becomes an important asset if you opt at looking for job.  Because even after graduation 80% engineering graduates from 2015 in India were found to be not employable. That’s a massive number of students unqualified for a job. These students are usually more confused, because they can’t land a job to get some work experience under their belt. So, is there another way to acquire jobs?

While you are looking for job , you should be ready with each key points like starting from resume(Tips for Writing Resume) to interview(Tips For Interview). You can do the job search in job categories as full time jobs in Canada(India, UK), online jobs in Canada, jobs near me.Create your free job alert with the job portal website and get updated with latest job vacancies in Canada(India,UK). Your free job alert will help you out to get updates with the latest job vacancies for full time jobs in Canada, online jobs in Canada, jobs near me.
Investment in higher education is high, but so are the benefits that come along with it than looking for job. Postgraduates earn higher than the graduates, and also the type of degree can decide the earning potential of a postgraduate. In fact, Engineering and MBA abroad is your best chance to be a millionaire when you are looking for job after MBA, according to a report.
How to Choose the Right Course?
Do what you’re good at, not what you love. Many people enjoy watching movies, but making a movie is a whole different experience. Even relatively successful actors, writers, movie directors eventually start hating the constant burden, strict deadlines, constant stress, and the career looks less and less glamorous after a while.
Just Follow the steps:
Evaluate your personality, skills, and interests
Research for Courses
Make it happen
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