Are you a good leader?? When you are hired you started with your full time jobs. You have crossed with many of the steps and now you are at the post of the leader with your full time jobs as well as part time job. With the part time job, you are your own leader.

Your leadership comes with influence, power and authority. No matter whether it may be full time jobs, jobs near me, part time job. Sometimes, it happens all the misuse of the above as a leader.

Leadership becomes less if you say leader to yourself than you work as leader

part time job

            Leadership with part time job

Are you a leader?? Then you should ask these questions to yourself, no matter whether full time jobs or part time job(How should a leader work??)

  • Do you create your own specific strengths, with new atmosphere with your team members??


  • Is there any benefit with your time to benefit with the people around you??


  • How you are developing yourself with part time job??



  • For the better growth of the team are you encouraging your team??


Leaders who have experienced with measure of success with full time jobs as well as part time job. Your leadership with your part time job as well as full time jobs should be with inspiration,helpful,criticism,kindness and giving unexpected progress.

Support your team members by encouraging and pointing towards the right direction as well as giving them tools which help them in their endeavors.

With your rich experience with full time jobs as well as part time job, a good leader should know the difference between the ‘support’ and being a ‘crutch’.

Now what is the difference between the ‘crutch’ and ‘support’??

Support is when you encourage your team and show the right direction to growth or success’

‘Crutch’ your decision that you will decide what the other person would be according to you. What he is as well as how he will work and you will assist them throughout the journey.

A good thought for a good leader, ‘A good leader will purposefully help others while laying aside the self promotion

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