Well!! campus interview is on its way …. Are you ready to face with the campus interview(Tips and Guide) ?? Are you anxious with your first campus interview ?? Well in fact, you have to be as in fact it will enhance your performance. Let your nervous energy drive your efforts to success with campus interview.

Boost your confidence level and keep the key in mind to success, Get it the first Time

Here are a few tips for your campus interview

1- Know Your Subject:

Get with the written exams. The main aim in campus interview with the written test is checking candidate’s knowledge of his/her core technical subjects in addition to critical reasoning skills. For instance, CS students must be prepared with Operating Systems, data structures, programming, compiler design etc.

During the campus interview: Having cleared the written test, it is important for you to know the basics for example you are a computer science students you should know the basics of programming.

2- Build your communication Skills:

Communication skills are equally important for you. Communication Skills shows that you are knowledgeable, you are the right person for the job. Good communication would certainly help you convey this.

The two ways that can help you to build a better communication skill

  • Get into habit of reading books and newspapers
  • Have a group discussion with your friends

3- Cover Your Project during Campus interview

Project are your best efforts you are supposed to show during the campus interview. The interviewer would expect you to know even the most elementary concepts about it.

4- Always be honest

It’s your first time not the interviewers. Be honest. And also Be a good listener It won’t take much time for a skilled interviewer to find the loopholes/lies in your CV, and once he does, it is not going to be pleasant.

Just remember, knowledge is immense, and you are bound to have limitations. The interviewer is much too experienced to think otherwise. So, just give your best in whatever you know. If you are honest about your limitations, chances are you would be appreciated.

5- Prepare to answer common questions beforehand:

campus interview

   Facing Campus Interview

Imagine this: 2 minutes into the conversation, you are still adjusting yourself to the panel’s scrutinizing glances, when you are asked, “Tell me something about yourself”. Though it sounds fairly simple, this question is one of the toughest to answer. You wouldn’t want to stammer now, but you don’t want to parrot your CV back to the interviewer either. Follow the interview tips

6- Avoid controversial topics:

Controversial topics like Religion, political beliefs etc.:

Unless specifically brought up by the interviewer, keep away from this risky territory.

7- Do not get personal during an interview:

Don’t whine about your unfair life in an interview. The interviewer is not your shrink. Just concentrate on your skill-set and how you can add value to the organization.

8- Get professional help:

This is for Candidates with low level confidence. So before facing with the campus interview identify your weak points by getting the help from the professionals

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