Flipkart investing in new biz like PhonePe and fintech

E-commerce is a transaction of buying and selling online. Nowadays, there is increase in the growth rate of using the e-commerce. One of the most important application used by many of the user is the flipkart. It says that major part of the money raised including microsoft will now be investing in new business such as PhonePe and fintech. It will be a good opportunity in online money transfer segment.

The Co-Founder and CEO  says that, “From the latest deal struck with Tencent, Microsoft and Ebay the money raised will now be invested in new business like PhonePe and fintech”

Nowadays, new trend is been followed by people that is of online money transfer. There is no theft of loosing the money or loosing the wallet. People have now started and there is tremendous growth in online shopping and also the ratio of online shopping is increasing day by day. The opportunities on the payment side increased because of people doing the transaction online with large chunk of business says flipkart.


Flipkart- New Business Plan


This has also increased the growth rate of business and making the business transaction easier as people are now sending online money to each other . Because of this business is becoming on its own as the opportunities are increasing on the payment side say Flipkart

It has now raised USD 1.4 billion from blue chip companies including Microsoft,eBay and Tencent. New business will be soon coming out now as flipkart is going to heavily invest in other new businesses like grocery, furniture and private labels.

Dealing with eBay partnership and eBay funding flipkart sees a big opportunities with global as well as domestic markets. This will help the Indian sellers to sell their products globally also giving a huge market place capability by adding the sellers. Flipkart has not yet integrated with myntra but allowed it to grow independently. Flipkart is now at a place where it can take a long view on business and organization. For that, partnership is going to bring a lot of new opportunities rather than only just gaining the capital

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