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    Blubuck Products Pvt Ltd, help brands reach their customers across India. Since our inception in 2014, we have established ourselves as a fast-growing sale, marketing, warehousing and distribution company.

    Our distribution network, state-of-the art warehousing solutions and a strong understanding of market operations has made us preferred name with brands. We engage with brands to expand their geographical presence in new markets, drive sales and distribution in existing markets.


    We currently cater to the FMCG sector, along with a vision to expand into other sectors. Our network covers presence across Hypermarket, Departmental stores, Supermarkets, Convenience stores, Groceries, Wholesale traders and Retailers across India. Our objective is to drive maximum distribution and visibility for our clients and be their preferred partner while doing so.





    Sunny Active shine – Active Shine is gentle floor cleaner with an uplifting light citrus scent! It can be used on every type of floor.


    Sunny Green Regular – Pine fragrant solution not only delivers cleaner and brighter tiles but also leaves a pleasant lingering fragrance


    Sunny Green Premium – An effective cleaner that removes floor stains, leaves your floor gleaming clean and your house lingering in soothing aroma of pine oil.


    Sunny Premium Gold – Specially formulated to cut through dirt and grime while being gentle on hands. Makes cleaning effortless.


    Sunny Milky – Milky is gentle floor cleaner with an uplifting light citrus scent. It can be used on every type of floor.


    Spresh: It is introduced by Blubuck Products Pvt. Ltd, in home care category with wide range of products. Spresh range


    Products includes: Floor cleaning solution, Dish washers, Hand wash & sanitizers, Toilet Cleaners and Air Fresheners.



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