For all the Paytm user. Nowadays Paytm has became one of the most useful application playing the role of e-wallet. It comes up with a new feature- Wallet Insurance. Most of the things are going online now. There is no theft of loss of wallet just have to pay on the click and the bill has been payed. From vendors, to rickshawala’s everyone is getting the advantage of using the paytm.

Paytm, now comes up with a new level of security for all users for their wallet security that is “Wallet Insurance”. In case if the phone is lost, or any illegal access or any theft , then this may help you out with the security to wallet money. Get the advantage of this wallet insurance, by the latest upgraded version of the wallet on the mobile. Users do not have to pay any additional costs for this policy. To promote digital and cashless transactions in the country, paytm offers you the additional level of security to the users.

What does it embody?

There are many reasons of loss of wallet it may be due to loss of mobile phone or due to fraud transactions then it will be covered up to Rs 20,000. For settling the claim it will be the maximum balance of the user or it will 20,000 whichever is lower.


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How the Claiming process works?

If your phone is lost in any case – You need to report the loss or theft to Paytm customer care by logging in on its website or calling their customer care number within 12 hours of the incident. If the paytm is informed about the fraud transactions the cover will be made.

You will need to lodge an FIR about the loss of the phone with the police and the proof needs to be shared with Paytm within 24 hours. Once after proper validation and reporting of incident the wallet will be blocked. Settlement will be done in the earliest working days once the claim is found as genuine.

In case of unknown fraud transaction – You need to report the loss or theft to Paytm customer care by logging in on their website or calling their customer care number within 12 hours of the incident with the full details of the fraud transaction. After the case is reported and proper validation, the Paytm wallet will be blocked. If the claim is found to be genuine the settlement will be done within 5 working days by the company. The claim will be settled by the company after you get again the access to your Paytm wallet account.

What is not covered?

Claim will be prohibited in case of personal negligence of the user leading to the device being stolen, shared or misplaced.

If you do the transaction by typing a wrong number to someone else, it will be considered as the user’s negligence and will not be considered under this policy. If any fraud transaction happens with the intention of misusing debit or credit card or bank account information through Paytm, it will also not be considered under this insurance policy.

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